What IsTrevor Strand Net Worth ?

Trevor Strnad is an American who performs as the band’s singer.

He is a member of The Black Dahlia Murder, a death metal band.

The Black Dahlia Murder is a 2001 American metal band from Waterford,

Their name is derived from the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia.

Trevor Strnad was born in Waterford, Michigan on May 3, 1981.

He was the lead singer for the melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murders.

They are also known as the Black Dahlia, after the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short

The cause of death was not disclosed, but the band posted a phone number for a suicide prevention hotline on social media.

Trevor Strnad’s estimated net worth is about $5 million dollars Before his death.