Top Most Expensive TV Shows Ever

Amazon upcoming fantasy tv series the lord of the rings ; the ring of power is by far the most expensive show with 58$ million per episode.

Wandavision nd other mcu shows are a distant second with a reported budget of 25$ million per episode

Each episode of the pacific cost 20$ million

the episodes of the final season of game of the thrones that one that destroyed its reputation had a hefty budget of 15$ million

The mandalorian episodes are also pricey cost $15 MILLION PER EPISODE

apple tv series also expensive with a 15$ million budget per episode

the morning show episodews cost as much as game of thrones episodes , due to heavy cast selries 

Netflix's The Crown is one of the most expensive series they've ever made, in which the actress was wearing a replica dress that reportedly cost $37,000 to produce

ER the series lead to the rise of many current Hollywood stars such as George Clooney.